Report of Six Official Saudi Hilāl Sighting Committees

By M. Hafiz | Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Saudi Arabia:
Br. Khalid Shaukat and Dr. Omar Afzal please post the report below of the six Official Saudi Hilāl Sighting Committees so as to educate Muslims in North America of the yearly Saudi error.

I spoke to Dr. Saleh Al Saab (Previous Head of the Astronomy department at KACST / Member of the six Official Saudi Hilāl Sighting Committees). He stated the six Official Saudi Hilāl Sighting Committees in the six different regions did not see the hilāl on Saturday, 31 December 2005. He stated that the hilāl was seen in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, 1 January 2006.

Therefore the correct first day in Saudi Arabia for Ðūl Hijjah 1426 AH must be on Monday, 2 January 2006 and the day of Arafat Tuesday, 10 January 2006 followed by Īd-ul-Adhā on Wednesday, 11 January 2006.

Our Islamic Scholars at Majlis Al Qadah Alala proved their double standard claiming they don't use ASTRONOMICAL CALCULATIONS. Yet, again they completed 30 days following the CALCULATED DATE of the Umm-ul-Qura Calendar that is based on the Hidden/Obscure/New Moon of the Jews to varying degrees, as opposed to the calculated earliest hilāl visibility. These Islamic Scholars shun the advice of their Muslim Astronomers and the six Official Saudi Hilāl Sighting Committees in the Kingdom, yet embrace the calculated Umm-ul-Qura Calendar. Majlis Al Qadah Alala started Ramadān, Shawwal, and Ðūl Hijjah 1426 AH utilizing the calculated dates of the Umm-ul-Qura civil calendar which corresponds exactly to the first starting day for the months of the Calculated Rabbinical Calendar of Israel namely Tishrei (4th October/1st day of Ramadān in Saudi Arabia), Cheshvan (3rd November/1st day of Shawwal-Īd-ul-Fitr in Saudi Arabia) and Tevet (1st January/1st day of Ðūl Hijjah in Saudi Arabia), respectively. Many of our Islamic Scholars who know the truth continue to be silent. Many of our Islamic Scholars who know the truth continue to be silent.

Our Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: "Speak the truth even if it is bitter." I wonder how many of our Islamic Scholars are speaking. Tomorrow, InshaAllāh I will send an invitation and letter directed to King Abdullāh ibn Abdul Azīz seeking his help to correct these yearly errors. I will give our Islamic Scholars/Leaders in North America, and Britain the chance to appear on the collective letter head of Islamic Organizations for this letter. InshaAllāh, we will see how many are willing to collaborate with each other in this cause and "Speak the truth" and try to remedy this yearly problem. Until today, ISNA and the Fiqh Council ( have preferred to follow Saudi Arabia for Ðūl Hijjah only, so as to be in unity with the Hujjaj who do not pray the Īd-ul-Adhā prayer. They want to unite with 2.5 million Muslims performing the Hajj, while ignoring the Igma decision made by the Fiqh Academy, the books of Fiqh, and prominent Saudi Scholars (Shaykh Bin Bāz and Shaykh Uthaymīn رضي الله عنهما) recommending that Īd-ul-Adhā be based on local sighting in each country (see article).

Instead of educating the Muslims in North America, ISNA prefers to remain silent and follow the blind emotions of these Muslims. It is ironic that ISNA wants to unite with the Hujjaj when they fail to unite with more than seven million Muslims in North America celebrating Īd-ul-Adhā on Wednesday, needless to mention the rest of the ummah. This is some twisted notion of unity in Islām. Charity and unity begins at home. Anyone with logic looking at will come to realize ISNA is the only Umbrella organization out of ten others keeping Īd-ul-Adhā on Tuesday. The same happened for Shawwal 1426 AH, it was two out of fifteen organizations. ISNA is once again asking Muslims to spend their hard earned money and sacrifice / pray Īd-ul-Adhā Şalāh on the 9th of Ðūl Hijjah corresponding to the true Islamic Hijri Calendar when they know fully well of the Saudi error. In their statement they claim to follow the decision of Hajj at Makkah, when they know the decision is being made in Riyadh by Majlis Al Qadah Alala and forced upon the pilgrims and the holy precinct.

Until today ISNA/FC and others who made million of Muslims in North America miss one day of Ramadān fast have failed to ask Muslims to make up this fast. Dr. Durrani and Dr. Salamah have failed to acknowledge their errors in so doing advising ISNA/FC to ask Muslims to make up this fast. Who will bear this burden on the Day of Judgment, Dr. Durrani, Dr. Salamah, or ISNA/FC? I had to make up my fast since the majority of the masājid in Florida blindly followed ISNA when they knew fifteen other individual/umbrella organizations refuse to accept this erroneous report.

For the month Ðūl Hijjah the visibility curve was over the USA yet no hilāl was seen. It seems as if our special Muslims who break world record sightings only for Ramadān and Shawwal have gone back to sleep, until the next year. For Shawwal the curve was not even on the USA yet the miracle hilāl was accepted to keep a united Īd with Saudi and the Umm-ul-Qura Calendar. All the astro consultants in North America and the Middle East rejected this sighting report. Even ISNA/FC asked that Allāh (سبحانه وتعالى) forgive them if a mistake was made, yet they fail to do the right thing and ask Muslims to make up the missed fast. A few decades ago Saudi ended Ramadān on the 28th day and asked Muslims to make up the missed fast. THE SHARĪAH OF THE ISLAMIC HEJRIC CALENDAR IS LIENENT TOWARD ERRORS YET DEMANDS THAT IT BE CORRECTED. I am wondering what is still preventing Dr. Durrani, Dr. Salamah, and ISNA/FC to make this announcement to make up the missed fast? I am advising them as one Muslim unto another, please don't wait until the Day of Judgment!

In this sacred month of Ðūl Hijjah please make duā' so that our request will be answered by King Abdullāh, and that Allāh (سبحانه وتعالى) open the eyes/hearts of Majlis Al Qada Alala, and ISNA etc.

We pray that Allāh (سبحانه وتعالى) forgive us and accept our prayers, and this we ask for ourselves we ask for the Hujjaj, and all believers until the end of time.

Pre Īd Mubarak to all.


M. Hafiz

Received: Wednesday, January 4, 2006     3 Ðūl Ĥijjah 1426     ٣ ذو الحجة ١٤٢٦


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